Friday, February 11, 2011

my interview!

I was recently interviewed by another artist and wonderful writer!  She posted the interview on her blog:

Here is the interview with me!:


As promised here is a little bit of a closer look at Miss Erin from Urban Fine Arts. I hope you enjoy the interview as well as of course feel inspired to create and buy.

Interviewer: Looking at your shop you are quiet the talented Lady. What made you decide to focus on folk art and Jewelry for this particular Etsy Store?

Erin: thank you, my focus went towards “G” rated art in general for etsy because my primary income comes from selling my erotic art on ebay…. and it was time to switch up things a bit. One can only do the same type of subject matter for so long! Besides that, I am absolutely in love with all animals related to herpetology and just all animals in general. The jewelry, well I have no explanation for that he he.. just kidding, I love making jewelry as well, it has a relaxing quality to its processes.

Interviewer: How and where did you pick the Name Urban Fine Art? I am always curious to know where it comes from. Any cute Stories behind it?

Erin: I started using the name Urban Fine Art 3 years ago when I chose it for my ebay selling ventures. It basically comes from what I do and where I live. I grew up and still live in the city of Detroit, hence the urban.. and my lifelong passion for the arts lead me to challenge myself more and more in the avenues of fine art. I kept the name for etsy to keep things congruent in my life.

Interviewer: How long have you been selling on Etsy now?

Erin: I opened my etsy account in 2009, tried selling for a month or two, after no sales I gave up. Only recently in the beginning of January 2011 did I try and pick it back up again. I am giving it my all this time too!

Interviewer: A little birdie told me that UrbanFineArt Etsy Store is not your only Store / Shop. Do you feel comfortable telling us a little about your others?

Erin: I have many avenues online for spreading my many forms of art around the world :) My life support is ebay,, where I sell small watercolor and ink female nude drawings. mostly ACEO’s and a few medium sized illustrations as well. I also dive into photography and have sold some of my lizard pics in the form of printable products on

Interviewer: What is your favorite Medium to work with?

Erin: hmmm hard one!! its so hard to pick a favorite for me! I love pastels, oil paints, acylic, watercolor, woodworking, wire wrapping, ceramics, photogpaphy.. oh my.. I guess my favorite type of art making in general would be drawing, at least its my strength in it all.

Interviewer: How did you get started with Art? What drew you to it?

Erin: My mom says I was drawing at 9 months old in ways that shouldn’t happen.. but I think what really drew me to it, being an only child, I could draw out my imaginary world and exist there in such a realistic way that it was far better than toys or dolls.

Interviewer: Valentine’s Day is coming up and there is no better time than to purchase a lovely gift for someone you love. Which is your current “Valentine’s Day” line?

Erin: I have a few pendants in my etsy shop’s jewelry section with hearts on em, but if you really wanna spoil her, I’d go with the handpainted authentic coach purse at this url: !

Interviewer: What do you think makes your Artwork stand out?

Erin: confident lines and strokes plus bold bright colors

Interviewer: Do you have any influences from other Artists which you can accredit or do you feel your talent is inspired more by nature etc.

Erin: Robert Crumb, Robert Williams, and Art of Olivia are big ones to me.. but I can’t leave out Milo Manera either!!

Interviewer: I know you have a Blog you post to regularily. What is the Address please?


Interviewer: Do you sell purely online or do you sell in the real world as well? If yes, how and where can interested shopper buy from you?

Erin: I’ve had a few gallery shows, and done some art fairs in the sticky heat, but these days the local folks can come directly to my open to the public studio @ 3420 Cass ave suite 302A, detroit, michigan, 48201

Interviewer: Are you running any current specials or coupons for any of your Etsy Shops?

Erin: coupon code BIGSNOW2011 gets you 20% off and theres always free shipping in my etsy shop!

Interviewer: If someone is thinking about getting started with taking hobby to sale as an Artist what would you give them for advise?

Erin: it takes a little while to get noticed, be patient, promote, stick with it, and it will pay off

Interviewer: What is your Goal personal and professionally lets say in the next 5 Years?

Erin: oooo thats a big question!! I’m actually at a fork in the road right now. Its either stay doing what I’m doing and grow it the best I can, or start a grad school program either in fine arts or art restoration (if I an find a local program). After that? who knows!

Interviewer: Is there anything you would like to share with our Readers?

Erin: I am always available for commissions in any of my favorite art mediums, styles, and subjects! email me at for more info!

Interviewer: Do you have a facebook account or twitter account fans can follow you on? If yes, may we please have the addresses?


Interviewer: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. We wish you the best of success.

Erin: thanks so much for taking the time to ask me these questions!! best of success your way too 

                                               - end quote

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